Mother Nature's Warriors | Web Series

Mother Nature’s Warriors mission is to educate the world on living a more sustainable existence with complete knowledge and respect for the current state of the worlds finite natural resources and how using them responsibly is the only path. By highlighting individuals, business’s and organizations efforts towards protecting, preserving, and restoring our Earth’s precious habitats and species we can help educate the world to alternative ways of taking action and reconnecting to our precious earth.

 Jake Fink: Creator and Host

jake-Bio-Pic-webStory: Working in Film and TV for 15 years I began my career in NYC working behind the scenes of independent films, I went to school for TV and Film production and had a concentration in Anthropology, I wanted to film exotic cultures and travel the world. It was this initial phase I experienced the hierarchy of film which seemed backwards when art to me seemed only collaborative and not to mention the obscenely long hours took a toll, I could only make such a sacrifice for my oown work I realized if I were to stay in film.

Eventually migrating into video production I began work for a company that promoted the creation of main stream feature films. Hearing all these behind the scenes stories of the methods of directors and actors, I could only feel my voice had to be heard, what was it ultimately I was trying to say, time I hope would tell., At first it was about me and my travels, my experiences, my hard ships and then I realized it was about others the natural progression of thought as you age. 10 years ago I started a production called Green Films with the thought that I would create documentaries on the plight of species, but how would I do that in the middle of NYC.

Then it became about money , pure survival, I became lost again. I began to chase after the almighty dollar and found secure work at a studio and achieved a descent position as a studio manager from shooting to mic-ing up our on air talent but eventually finding myself in that place again where I felt my voice had to be heard. I  moved to the ocean to be nearer nature and began directing and creating independent films on my own gaining confidence in my ability to accomplish a production, one I created from scratch too. It felt good but something was missing, these stories reflected my experiences and others at too, I began to understand these stories had to be about the bigger picture. I was then asked by a great friend to help produce a reality show and be in it and it was about alien encounters and it was out west, time to explore, time to move, my element is air, it seemed the natural next step.

During the creation of this production I asked myself was my heart in this and I knew it was because it was fresh and new and the subject of aliens seemed to pull me in as well as working with a good friend and I continued to ask myself what am I to glean from this experience, to be in front of a camera, was this about my ego, one I was working to rid myself of. During one of our interviews a woman read a letter which contained her experience in detail and the thoughts that came to her during this event. She was left with this thought which she now posed to us, a question, to the crew saying have you ever felt like you’ve been driven to do something and it just continues to replay in your head over and over until you decide to do something about it. She followed that up with saying that part of her encounters and others is that they are trying to tell us that the Earth is in a dire state, it needs help.

At that moment I understood that I was to do everything possible to help the environment, and thus Mother Natures Warriors was born. Since that day November of 2013 it has been my goal to help promote what other are doing around the world to preserve this beautiful finite place.

Paul Falsone

Paul FalsonePaul recently moved back to Colorado from Arizona where he grew up and earned a Sustainability degree from Arizona State University. He has completed two sustainability internships, one in Arizona, and the other with a small Front Range company specializing in aquaponics and agriculture.

He currently works for a Boulder conservation organization but had worked as a cook in the restaurant industry for many years. He was also as a sales associate for up and coming Utah composting company, and has multiple years of experience working as a theater technician (sound, lighting, set construction, etc.)

Paul has been inspired and continues to be inspired by countless people across the globe working hard to make the world a better place. He is passionate about becoming a mentor, and is interested in becoming more involved in the environmental and social movements. Paul is dedicated to seeing sustainability practices adopted by cities, towns, and people everywhere, and will continue to pursue his dreams of a career in sustainability.

In his free time Paul enjoys nature, music, movies, craft beer, reading, traveling, learning, and spending time with friends, family, and his two cats.